Getting Started - A Guide for New Users

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Club overview
Welcome to the University of Chicago Community Online. This guide will introduce you to the main features of your club/group site. Through this website, you can update your contact information and search for alumni and club/group members, learn about news and upcoming events, network with club/group members, and keep up on the latest Alumni Association events and campus news.

View and update your profile
After signing in, you can view your profile by going to My Account and clicking the My Profile tab.  We encourage you to update your password from the temporary password you have been assigned to something easier for you to remember. As a reminder, passwords can be any combination of letters and numbers, and are case sensitive.



To edit, click Edit Profile and update any outdated information or add new information. Your changes will apply to all of your directory listings on the UChicago Community Online, which applies if you are a member of more than one club/group (for example, you are a member of both a regional club and a Chicago Affinity Group). Changes will also appear in the alumni directory, be shared with the University, and be reflected in the University’s master database.



Community directory – club/group level, alumni directory
Access to view the directory is limited to alumni, students, and faculty. All members of the club/group will be included in the directory unless they have opted out via their profile pages.

To view a directory of all the people in your club or affinity group, click Community Directory. You can search by name, location, school, or employment.



 To view the master alumni directory, click on Alumni Directory under UChicago Resources in the main navigation bar.



Upcoming events are featured on the home page.  You can also see upcoming events by clicking on Upcoming Events under Events in the main navigation bar.  For more information on any event, click on the event title.

events1 events2

On the Upcoming Events page, in addition to event listings, you will see an event calendar in the right column with event dates highlighted. Roll over that date for a quick look at the event. Below the calendar, you see recent past events.



To see more information about the event or purchase tickets, click on the title or read more. Click iCal to add this event to your personal calendar. Click tell a friend to email information about this event to a friend.



Networking and Job Information
Your club/group may offer forums allowing club participants to share information with one another. To find the forums, click on Forums under Networking in the main navigation bar and you will see a list of topics under discussion. You can start a new topic or reply to an existing topic. Please note that at this time, email alerts for forum postings are not available.


Your club/group may offer job postings submitted by club participants. To see postings, click on Jobs under Networking in the main navigation bar. Information on how to apply for the job will be in the job posting.



Clubs and groups offer different ways to find out about volunteer opportunities. Check the main navigation bar or the left hand column for volunteer links. You can alert club/group managers to your interest in volunteering by filling out the Let us know form on the club/group homepage. Include some information about your volunteer interests and a club/group leader will get back to you.



You can also alert the University and club/group leaders to your interests in volunteering by filling out volunteer-related portions of your profile. Under Preferences, you will find volunteer preferences for your club/group:



And volunteer preferences for the UChicago Alumni Association:



UChicago Resources
The University of Chicago offers a wide variety of information and resources to its alumni to support their lifelong learning and professional development. To find out more, click UChicago Resources in the main navigation bar and find what interests you. The University maintains this information for the clubs so it is always up to date.



UChicago News
This section is a newsfeed from the University news center so you can keep up to date on what’s happening at the University.


Network Updates
Located below UChicago News is a section for important announcements from the University alumni association. The University maintains this information for the club.

Let Us Know
Use this form to send a message directly to club managers. Someone will be in touch with you shortly.



Next Steps
It’s our hope that many of the UChicago clubs and groups in which you are a member will find value in the UChicago Community Online. Given that, we’ve set up a single sign on process for all of the sites. Once you have signed in to a club or group site for the first time, your username (preferred e-mail address) and password will be the same for every other UChicago Community Online site.

To log in to another site, simply click the sign in button on the upper left side of a club’s/group’s homepage. Please note: by signing in to a site, you are effectively “joining” the site, and you will begin receiving e-mail communications. To leave the group, please alert the site manager via the “Let Us Know” pod. You can also adjust your e-mail preferences to unsubscribe to each site’s email communications on the profile. UChicago Community Online gives community members the flexibility to opt in or out of communications from specific clubs/groups.

For a complete listing of the University’s clubs/groups using UChicago Community Online, please visit